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In times like these, there are still degrees that are doable with a fair amount of effort. This bachelor’s degree is one of a special kind.
To get the bachelor’s degree, you need to do the following:

Get to know your city from a different side!
You can choose from at least 10 locations in the cities. In 10/12*/14*/15* of the locations you have to have a drink (either Beer, Alster, Shots (we usually have negotiated drinks for you in each location) or non-alcoholic) before you get your bachelor’s degree in the final location.

For the whole thing you have max. 5 hours time.
* If you have already participated the first time, you can do the Bier Master the second time (12 drinks in max. 5 hours).
* At the third participation you can get the Doktor (PHD) (14 drinks in max. 6 hours)
* The fourth time you participate? Your degree is the habilitation (15 drinks in max. 6 hours)

In case we don’t have the number of bars in a city that you need for your degree, you can also have two drinks in a bar, for each of which you will receive a stamp.

You can choose your start time when you buy your ticket, for the Bier Bachelor you can choose between: 18.00 / 18.15 / 18.30 / 18.45 / 19.00 / 19.15 / 19.30 / 19.45 / 20.00


In addition to the concept described above, which is offered twice a year, we also offer individual dates where you make your own Bier Bachelor with your own group, without a big framework. Idea: We provide you with 8 bars, you secure 8 stamps on the evening and have your Bier Bachelor “Junggeselle”.

1. Teilnahme

Bier Bachelor

2. Teilnahme

Bier Master

3. Teilnahme


4. Teilnahme


So läuft’s ab



Du kannst dir entweder im Vorverkauf Teilnehmerhefte online oder ggf. spontan an der Abendkasse zuschlagen



Du findest dich zu unserer vorgegebenen Zeit zwischen 18 und 20 Uhr am Startbereich ein und bist bestens vorbereitet


10x Prost

Mit dem Blanko Bierbachelor-Zeugnis legst du los: Zehn Locations in 5 Stunden aufsuchen und 10x genüsslich “Prost” sagen!

Kreative Ideen

Du sammelst im Laufe des Abends kreative Ideen für deine eigene Abschlussprüfung, die am Ende erfolgen wird. 


Alle Stempel gesammelt? Dann suchst du die Enlocation auf und legst deine persönliche Abschlussprüfung ab. 



Du hast es geschafft! Herzlichen Glückwunsch! Du bist nun ein offizieller Bier-Bachelor und darfst ausgelassen feiern.

Well? Also really get into it?

10 Location

Get a Drink at 10 Locations

10 Stamps

Collect Stamps for every drink

4 Degrees

Do your Bachelor, Master, Doktor and the Habilitation

Fancy a different kind of bachelor party or a special company celebration that will be remembered?