The Event

To get the Beer Bachelor you have to do following:

Get to know your city and night life from another angle!

In every city you can choose at least between 10 location. In 10/12*/14*/15* of these available locations you have to drink one drink (beer, alternative like green lemon, shots or a drink without alcohol). After that you can finish the Bachelor with an final examination!

For the Bachelor you have maxim. 5 hours (6 hours).

* If you have done already your Bachelor you can do the Beer Master (12 drinks in 5 hours)
* If you’re participating the third time you can do you Doctor (14 drinks in 6 hours)
* For the forth time you can do your Habilitation (15 drinks in 6 hours)

You get your start time within the purchase of your ticket.

start times: 18.00 / 18.15 / 18.30 / 18.45 / 19.00 / 19.15 / 19.30 / 19.45 / 20.00 Uhr