Following the rules and  the conditions of participation have to be complied in order to take part at the event „Bier Bachelor“:

  1. All participants have to comply the regulations and have to conform with the traffic regulations of the respective city.
  2. All participants must be aged 18 or older.
  3. There is a respectful treatment between all participants, gastronoms and other guests in every location.
  4. The exam period is max. 6 hours (it’s not about speed!).
  5. The Bachelor can only be reached via consumption of drinks in every participating location. Reminder: Don’t forget the stamp for your first drink in every location!
  6. Drinks for this event are only served after showing the strap (you get it at the start location); Drinks will only be served at the bar counter.
  7. In every location you can get only one stamp for one drink. For every other drink in the same location you won’t get a stamp.
  8. The locations define the size of their drinks by themselves.
  9. To finish the exam you have to show your Bachelor (which you got at the start) to the examiners in the final location.
  10. The grade will be determined with the final exam.
  11. For the final exam you have to be creative!
  12. Degrees build up on each other:
    1. Beer Bachelor  (10 Locations / 10 drinks / 5 hours)
    2. Beer Master (12 Locations / 12 drinks / 5 hours)
    3. Beer Doktor (14 Locations / 14 drinks / 6 hours)
    4. Habilitation ( 15 Locations / 15 drinks / 6 hours)
  13. Don’t cheat!

*Noncompliance can go as far as exclusion from the Bierdiplom!