how it all started

History of the event


In 2007, the first fellow students set off for a semester abroad in the Finnish city of Jyväskylä. Inspired by numerous anecdotes, Daniel, the founder, and a fellow student were drawn to the north the following year – motivated above all by their love of skiing. Once in Finland, however, Daniel quickly realized that a semester abroad has more to offer than frozen water. He heard from fellow local students about a big event where students paraded through the bars in Jyväskylä to “graduate.”

On only two mornings, the pre-sale took place under the strict condition that everyone was only allowed to buy two tickets. Because: The tickets were in great demand! After standing in line for 30 minutes, Daniel held two tickets in his hands for 10 euros each – not suspecting that these tickets were to be the cornerstone for the beer diploma.

The event was a happening. Long lines formed everywhere, the bars were crowded and the waiting times were long. But what appeared negative on the outside was one thing above all: pure fun! In the queues, Daniel met numerous new people, made new friends and had a great time with his friends. The students in Jyväskylä made the evening a unique memory of a great time in Finland with their good mood, costumes and open-mindedness.

Nearly impressed by this experience, Daniel met the Finnish